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Aisha Mershani was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to an American Jewish mother and a Moroccan Muslim father. Mershani holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Redlands in California, and a Master's degree from the UNESCO program in Peace, Development Studies, and Conflict Transformation at the Universitat Jaume I in Castell√≥ de la Plana, Spain. 

From 2003-2013 Mershani focused her subject on the Palestine/Israel conflict. She has photographed military checkpoints, demonstrations, house demolitions, destroyed villages, and the daily lives of Palestinians living under occupation. Mershani's approach to this conflict is a humanistic one. 

In her major exhibition, Hope Under Siege (2006) at Michelle O'Connor Gallery in San Francisco, Mershani collaborated with fellow photographer Lisa Nessan. Mershani also exhibited a collection of her photographs in 2006 at the Arab Cultural Festival in San Francisco, and the AMWAJ gathering (Arab Movement of Women Arising for Justice) in Chicago.  

These photographs, which cannot be seen in mainstream media, expose the reality of life in the West Bank by highlighting the Palestinian popular struggle and the steadfastness of the Palestinian people who nonviolently resist daily to remain on their land. 

Mershani's photographs have been in multiple publications, as well as many internet news sites over the years to further the awareness of the ongoing ground movement. She is also one of the artists in the reference book, "Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists". 

As founder of Project Souarna (our photos) Mershani conducted a photography workshop in 2009 for refugee and displaced youth living in and near al Wehdat refugee camp in Amman, Jordan. The project brought together Palestinian, Iraqi, bidun Kuwaiti, and Sudanese youth with international photographers and artists to create a body of work that expressed the situation of many living in the region. 

Her work comes from a place of concern about the injustices occuring in Palestine, and a commitment to expose these injustices and educate those outside of the region. The expression of everyday life is the primary objective of her documentary photographic work.  

Aisha Mershani is currently working on her Ph.D dissertation and continues to work for justice and peace.